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Electrolyte tablets made staying hydrated easier! Small tablets in foil packaging can be kept in a pocket or with first aid supplies and will give you the same boost you would get from an entire bottle of energy drink. Just swallow these whole with a sip of water and they go to work at keeping your natural electrolyte balance in check. Safe and effective in preventing muscle cramps and other discomforts of electrolyte imbalance. Buy individually or better yet, get a whole box!

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Keep your first aid kit or medicine cabinet fully stocked with the help of these Medi-Lyte heat relief tablets. These tablets provide relief from heat stress, fatigue, and muscle cramping caused by perspiration and minerals lost due to heat. Help replace electrolytes and promote rehydration with these tablets. They are film coated to ensure they are easy to swallow, assuring quick relief without choking. Perfect for any setting, including restaurants, schools, offices, or hotels, where maintaining a steady supply of these handy tablets will help keep your employees happy and healthy.

The packaging for these heat relief tablets is written in both English and Spanish where possible, creating an inclusive space for all of your employees to be able to use this medicine. A total of 100 tablets come in 50 tamper-evident sealed packets, so your medicine cabinet will be well equipped when supplies are needed. These tablets contain 10.8 mg calcium, 40 mg potassium, and 12 mg magnesium as the active ingredients. They don’t contain sodium, sugar, or lactose. It’s important to drink a full glass of water with each dose, and you should never take more than directed. For best results, always thoroughly read the directions and warnings on the box.

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